Museum of rural policeman

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Initiator of the project and rural policeman of Bargemon, Hedi Zahaf pays here tribute to these professionals of the law and order in rural areas since almost a millennium, in the first museum to the world dedicated to their job. Settled in the imagination of all, the rural policemen crossed the history. And it is only justice that a museum is dedicated to them at the heart of Provence, where it is one of important characters of the Pastoral, these shows of living nativity scenes telling the story of the Christmas crib figures of Provence the Christmas Eve. Do you know that there are approximately 1 500 rural policemen in service in France today, assuring very effectively the police of campaigns ?

Their history begins with one of the final acts of the Assembly Constituent Assembly in the Rural Code of October 6th, 1791, before the institution of the rural policeman is not dedicated by the law of messidor 20th the year III (in July 8th, 1895). A dive in the popular history which is worth seeing and which begins here with Martin’s welcome in the entrance of the museum. Raising his hat cocked hat, a plate of armband with the imperial eagle of the First Empire and its sabre, this model “rural policeman” of the first Empire carries the dress which we found of 1791 to 1950s.

Behind him, objects of all kinds expose themselves behind the shop windows of this unique place in France: of the pistol with flint dating 1880 in the sabre lighter, via the prints of the house Strap, medals, uniforms, plates, diplomas, weapons, without forgetting the texts of law and the cabinet of saucy expression. Objects mocked patiently for more than 20 years.

SCHEDULES: open all year long – Free Entrance.

Rural policeman "Martin"

Rural policeman from 1st Empire with the legion of honor, veteran of the armies of Napoleon

Uniform and sticks Rural policeman

Rural policeman’s pistol – 1810

Hedi ZAHAF – Rural policeman of Bargemon