Museum of Fossils and Minerals


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closed on wed morning until 1/12/2023

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The municipal museum of Fossils and Minerals, ideally placed in the center of the village invites you to discover a wonderful collection of fossils and minerals, grouping not less than 3000 rooms among which many were found in the region

The diversity of fossils and minerals which are presented to you, associated with the charm of the place which welcomes them, offer to the visitors the opportunity to make fabulous one journey in time, which will pull you at the beginning of the life on earth …

From the entrance you will be surprised by the molding of the fossil of the smallest dinosaur known about the world.

“Le Compsognathus” and the photo of its reconstruction real size. This 1st room possesses beautiful specimens of trilobites (380/400 Million years), a showcase of echinoderms (family of sea urchins, 50/70 Million years), of mollusks, Bélemnites (130/170 Million years), fishes, vegetables and insects (among others larvas of dragonfly).

In the 2nd room, you will go to meet ammonites. The diverse varieties, their size, their shape, their ornamentation, their fossilization will surprise you.

And, in the 3rd underground room, minerals are grouped by family (carbonate, sulphides, silicates ..), you will discover quartz, gypsum, fluorine, garnet and other semiprecious stones. Copper ore, of iron, zinc, lead … occupy three shop windows.

To finish, a showcase explains that is a rock, its formation and the various types : magmatic – sedimentary – metamorphic, accentuates the use of the “mineral” in our common life from time immemorial, and exposes beautiful specimens of rocks and minerals of the VAR.

Museum of Fossils ans Minerals – 8, rue de la Résistance – 83830 Bargemon

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