Come to discover the heritage of Bargemon by visiting his 4 fascinating museums. A route strewed with small panels

QR Codes is also proposed to you throughout the alleys of the village to make discover you the heritage of Bargemon

To discover : Bargemon Patrimoine

Museum of the rural policeman

Initiator of the project and rural policeman of Bargemon, Hedi Zahaf pays here tribute to these professionals of the law and order in rural areas since almost a millennium, in the first museum to the world dedicated to their job.

Settled in the imagination of all, the rural policemen crossed the history.

Museum of Fossils and Minerals

The municipal museum of Fossils and Minerals, ideally placed in the center of the village invites you to discover a wonderful collection of fossils and minerals, including not less than 3000 parts among which many were found in the region.

Museum of the data processing

This museum groups a punched-card collection constituted by a vast collection of typewriters and to calculate, among which 253 are exposed including certain rare specimens well known of the collectors.

A part of this collection, having belonged to Mr PREJEAN, terminal operator to Draguignan marks the chronology of the industrialization gathering the signature of prestigious manufacturers.

Museum Honoré Camos

The Honoré Camos museum-gallery, settled in the former Chapel St-Etienne of the XIth century, presents the history of Bargemon through its religious heritage, its economic activities, its local faces and the painter Honoré Camos.

Former days of Bargemon

You can discover in this section that were squares and streets of Bargemon at the beginning of the last century. An evocation of the past of Bargemon by postcards. This section is opened and can be completed by your documents and old photos. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the tourist office.
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Place Saint Etienne 1918

The Post Office

Nd de Montaigu and the tower 1895

Place Philippe Chauvier 1906

The main square

Sous Barry 1900

At the bottom of the Castle

The School

Rue François Maurel

Rue du vieux Château 1907

Next to the Fountain of the Fishmonger’s shop

Rue Pasteur 1921

Fountain of the Fishmonger's shop 1930

Bargemon 1885

Place de la Mairie 1900

Fountain of the City Hall

The former train station of Bargemon

Bargemon 1952

Bargemon 1978

Bargemon 1931

Bargemon 1966