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You will find on this page the list of the associations of Bargemon covering a whole range of activities all year round.

An essential stop for the traveller on the road, the Accueil Vélo Tourist Office has all the information required for your bike vacation at your disposal : weather reports, trains that accept bikes, lists of hirers and repairers, and information on routes.

A bike repair kit and re-charging stations are also available.

Association for the saving of the parochial church and the chapels

Manager : Mme de VILLENEUVE

Sauvegarde église paroissiale Notre Dame de Montaigu

Tel : 04 94 76 70 01

Fun Loisirs Bargemon

manager : Mme Andrée BEGLUITI

Organization of animations and sports, educational, playful activities … as well as animations factual as journeys, bingoes….


Cercle littéraire et culturel bargemonais

Manager : Mme Colette GIBELIN

Organization of cultural and literary activities

Tel : 06 66 22 53 32

Les Béliers à Soupapes  –  Moto bike club

Responsable : M. Claude BLANC

Tel : 06 59 51 61 29

Parish of Bargemon

Responsable : Abbé Philippe-Marie MÉTAIS-FONTENEL

Tel : 04 94 39 13 30

Barge Anime

Manager : Mme Sylvie BLOQUEL

Theatrical activities, animations and release for children

Tel : 06 69 57 31 00

Bargemon Tourisme & Culture

Manager : Mme Chantal CHARVIN

Organization and cultural activities, exhibitions

Tel : 06 17 58 66 37

Exhibitions, lectures, walks, guided tours of the village, board games event, porcelain painting courses…

Bargemon Tennis club BATEC

Manager : M. BONALD

Organization and development of the practice of the tennis on the fitted out grounds

Tel : 04 94 84 09 17 / 06 42 98 28 78

Tennis court Bookings also possible at the Tourist Office

Badminton – Ping-pong  –  Pickleball


Société de chasse


Tel : 04 94 39 08 36




Circuit of Pump Track

Free Access – Stadium of Bargemon
“Pumptrack” is a space reserved with routes of bumps and banked corners. For all the types of Mountain Bikes, Descent, cross-country running, BMX you will very fast find some benefit there! No distinction either with the age and the level, the instruction is simple: have fun!



Rundowns-guides of hike of the region are available directly on the Tourist Office




La Recyclerie  –   soon opened

Manager : Nathalie Bégluiti

A recycling center

A FabLab is a sort of workshop. A place where people come to exchange ideas and take advantage of the latest generation of equipment to innovate, create, make prototypes.



Manager : Catherine Pélissou

Olive oil mill

The mill is still a working olive oil mill during the season from mid nov to mid jan




Swimming Pool

Kiki Caron – Bargemon  –  The pool is open

book a time slot on

    Equipment : Bare pond of 20m x 8m + outside paddling pool of 4m x 6m

    Users : Publics, schools, colleges, high schools and clubs
    Accessibility Disabled :

    •     Dressing Room
    •     Showers
    •     Sanitary
    •     System of launch



    Various Activities

    GYM – Dance of leisure activitiesBadminton – Ping Pong – Hikes – Mountain Bike

    Scrabble – Computer class – Genealogy